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Average acidity:
Oil color:
cloudy green, unfiltered
Fragrance Oil:
deeply Fruity. Herbaceous, with hints of bitter and spicy

Available packaging: bottles of 0.500 liter

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Description and location of the olive groves
Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced with the fruit obtained in an olive grove of about 50 years of age.
Located in Contrada Cucuraggi, the olive grove covers almost 20 hectares on a plateau that is the last offshoot of the Iblei Mountains, an area well known for the goodness of the oil produced in it, and which falls into the area called "zona 8 " of the  DOP Monti Iblei ".

The very fragrant oil has hints of cut grass and a bitter "quid" at the end, which give this oil characteristics of great value, and make it a precious condiment for the table of gourmets around the world.

Variety of olives used

The cultivated varieties are essentially the "Mormorigna", an old variety for many adverse events related to the "Nocellara dell'Etna", the "Biancolilla" and the "Siracusana". This last variety in particular, gives the oil particular organoleptic characteristics that make it fall into the category "intense fruity".

Squeezing method

The cold pressing method with Pieralisi system is very short kneading times, which, on the one hand, penalize yields, on the other they allow to obtain an excellent quality of the oil. The pressing of the olives is carried out strictly on the same day of the harvest; these measures allow you to get an oil rich in vitamins.

Olive harvesting period: October
Cultivation methods: conventional
Collection method: by hand
Average acidity: <0.3%
Medium peroxides: 4.4
Oil color: green veiled by natural decantation
Oil perfume: Intense fruity. Herbaceous, with hints of bitter and spicy
Available vintage: 2008
Packages available: 0,500 liter bottles
Packing: cartons with 6 bottles

Units in box: 65537

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